1. Live It All

From the recording Live It All

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Live It All is about working hard to get to the next goal in life…and then the next…and then ultimately realizing that nothing matters at all except the people we love, and being here in this moment.

Live It All is beautiful, redemptive, and soulful to its core. Musicians are: Bre Gregg (vocals), Dan Gildea (guitar), Jeff Langston (bass), Charlie Doggett (drums) with the enhancement of Steve Swatkins (Allen Stone, Excellent Gentleman + Steve Swatkins and the Positive Agenda) on Hammond B3.


Step by step I'll make it through
Dream by dream I'll be fine
Until I reach the top
And realize this is all just a waste of time

Lightning on my window pane
Makes me feel silent and small
As I'm walking through this life
I'm learning to feel and trying to live it all

Live it all
Live it all
Live it all
Live It all… mmm… and love

Humbled by your gentle love
Your mirrored soul shows my face
Teaching me to dance again
Have courage to live my story and have grace

Live it all
Live it all
Live it all
Live it all… mmm… and love