1. I'm A Woman

From the recording Beautiful

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Oh you think you know my name
Oh and yes you know my sign
You might even know my mood
And what makes me feel real fine
But when I’m open on the floor
You can’t wait to find the door!

Oooh I intrigue you, bless my soul!
The way I talk makes you feel whole
The way I walk stirs up that beast
You’re feelin’ ten feet tall at least
But intrigue means nothing at all
Tell me do you stand or crawl?

I am not these pouty lips
I’m not these clever eyes
I am more and sometimes less
Than you can summarize
You wonder what this is all for…
I gently fold my arms and smile…
I’m a woman here me roar!

Cheers to the men who know their strength
Who love those girls who know theirs too
Let’s see each other with both eyes…
I promise I’ll love all of you!
Cause I’m a mess and I’m divine…
Just hold on tight and you’ll be fine!